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Links to polyomino information for the sqfig page.

[Links as of March 2003.]

Chapter 2d - Pentominoes [Stewart T. Coffin]
Strategies in solving pentomino puzzles by brain. Much information on other puzzles [site].
George Huttlin's Pentomino Webpage [George A. Huttlin]
Theory, pentomino alphabet, pictures of polyomino puzzle sets.
Pentominos [Juergen Koeller]
Theory, terminologies, sample tilings (including such with cavities), pentomino magnifications, links. Many other mathematically interesting structures [site]!
Polyomino, polyhex and polyiamond tiling [Joseph Myers]
Theory, numerical data, references.
Polyominoes [Andrew Clarke]
Theory, many sample tilings, many links/references.
Polyominoes [Slavik Jablan]
Polyomino nomenclature based on internal/external ray reflection.
Polypolygon Tilings [Steven Dutch]
Homologous polyomino (and other) tilings.
Some Nice Pentomino Coloring Problems [Alexandre Owen Muniz]
Pentomino coloring problems.
sqfig - figure construction patterns for figures constructed from squares [Eric Laroche]
Software (including C sources) to generate polyominoes and rectangular tilings. Focus on optimizing the software architecture for performance. Some theory and samples.
The Geometry Junkyard: Polyominoes [David Eppstein]
Directory (i.e. lot of links).

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