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A geometric riddle applet [,]
One applet overloads (extends) the other, and brings a user interface to it.
[geometric riddle applet] [geometric riddle applet]
Hilbert Curve applet [,]
This applet generates static and dynamic Hilbert fractals. The turtle needs only to know of rectangular steps.
[hilbert curve applet] [hilbert curve applet]   [hilbert curve applet]   [hilbert curve applet]   [hilbert curve applet]
Java Turtle and Java Turtle Applet [, more]
This is a real Turtle. It is controllable from an applet. The samples are pentagons and heptagons of different orders, done by e.g. "repeat 5 [forward 40 left 360/5]".
[StringTurtleApplet polygons]

Library code

Big rational numbers []
Dynamically sized big rational numbers. Big rational numbers allow exact calculations with all the operations add/subtract/multiply/divide. uses Sun's java.math.BigInteger class (JDK 1.1 and later).
Java Turtle
See applets section above.


C guidelines in Java
The article is a critical discussion of the author's C programming language coding guidelines concerning their applicability in Java.
Differences between Java and C++
The article is intended to provide a technical overview over the differences between the Java and C++ programming languages. The article lists aspects that are present in Java and absent in C++.


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